Colorado 2015 Results

The National Grass Trials at Colorado State University has attached the final 2015 data with both a full report and averaged data. All of the grasses did well this year, despite numerous adverse weather conditions such as extreme weather event where temperatures plunged from the mid-50’s to -16 degrees F in 24 hours in November 2014. We also had an abnormally wet May 2015, with over 6 inches of rain that month and I late hard frost on May 10. The best performers for 2015 were Shenandoah and Heavy Metal , Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass) cultivars and Schizachyrium scoparium ‘The Blues’. No disease or pests were noted in the three trial years, with minimal plant loss.
Jane Rozum
Horticulture Agent
Colorado State University Extension, Douglas County
410 Fairgrounds Rd., Castle Rock, CO 80104
NOGT 2015 Colorado State Averaged

NOGT 2015 Colorado State data


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