2014 Update from Florida

The four test sites in Florida (Quincy, Balm-Tampa, Fort Pierce and Fort Lauderdale) saw significant losses in grasses from 2013-2014.  Spring survival in 2014 was very low at all test sites.   Winter 2014 survival based on the number of plants transplanted at each site in 2012 was: Quincy had 50% survival; Balm had 47% survival; Fort Pierce had 29% survival; and Fort Lauderdale had 4% survival.     It appears that as you moved south in the state of FL survival decreased.  The cultivars still growing in Quincy were ‘Cheyenne Sky’, ‘Cloud Nine’,  ‘Heavy Metal’, and ‘Prairie Fire’.  The cultivar ‘Cloud Nine’ also was growing well in Balm and Fort Pierce.  The only cultivar that was still actively growing well in Fort Lauderdale was ‘Shenandoah’.  Because of the significant losses in grass cultivars, it was decided to end the trials in FL


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