Vermont 2013 data

To recap, 2013 was a lousy year in Vermont for many perennials, Panicum included.  Those that did survive the previous winter as shown on the link below, all of some, none or one of many, had to deal with a much cooler and wet first part of the summer, never really putting on much growth, and few in flower. There were only 12 days at or above 90degrees (F), about half that of previous years.  Almost one third of the summer reached 50 degrees or below at night (about normal).  Full climate data for this site can be found online:

With so few plants, and those living of poor vigor, many data parameters (as noted) were unable to be taken.  With so few plants of many cultivars living, this is noted next to data to give some perspective on the results, as is the variability when extreme within a cultivar for a measurement.  Bottom line– those with all surviving included Dust Devil, Northwind, Prairie Sky, and Rotstrahlbusch.  Of these, those with floral impact of 3 (highest rating) were Dust Devil and Rotstrahlbusch.  Both Warrior and Dallas Blues had no surviving plants after the first winter.

Schizachyrium fared much better with all 4 plants surviving except Carousel (3).  There were no plants of Jazz in the trial as they had not been provided.  Best floral impact was Blaze (5), with good impact (4) for Blue Heaven and The Blues.  There was minimal floral impact from Carousel and Prairie Blues.  The latter also had the poorest winter survival regrowth.  Plants of this genus were much less variable within each cultivar than those of Panicum.

Vermont growth data:  NOGT.Milton VT 2013


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