Photo update – National Grass Trials at Longwood Gardens


Getting ready to plant in September

002 (2)

Planted and mulched.  Will begin collecting data in the spring.


About M Taylor

I am the Research Coordinator at Longwood Gardens. I attended Penn State University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture with a minor in Plant Pathology. My undergraduate research projects included the effects of ozone on growth of salt march cordgrass Spartina alterniflora and the role of ethylene in root hair production of phosphorus stressed arabidopsis. Following my B.S. degree, I moved near Philadelphia and was a grower for Dan Schantz Farm and Greenhouses. I then obtained a Master of Science degree in Horticulture Science with a minor in Soil and Water Science from The University of Florida. My masters research focused on vegetable nutrition and blossom-end rot of tomato. Upon completion of my M.S. degree, I participated in a six month internship in The Netherlands in a tomato production greenhouse. I then returned to Pennsylvania and was the head grower for Woodring’s Greenhouses. After working in industry for a year, I started my PhD in Horticulture Science at NC State University. The focus of my degree was nutritional physiology, soil science, and sudden pH decline of geranium. I graduated December of 2007 and my wife and I moved to Freising, Germany where I conducted plant nutrition research for Weihenstephan University. I returned to the US in June of 08 and started my position at Longwood Gardens.
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